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I'm going to start blogging about my trips, makeup, photo adventures, and wherever my camera takes me! My most recent trip was to San Diego with my cute cousin Brooke and let me tell ya, it was a flippin blast. We turned San Diego inside out and upside down! We had so much fun from the north end of San Diego, clear down to the Boarder of Mexico! So let me tell ya a few stories:) 

Day 1

Day one started off with a BANG including flying from SLC to SD, CA and having some of the BEST airplane cookies and Sprite that an airline could provide. I highly recommend Alaska Airlines just for that reason! After an hour and a half flight, we went right to the vast jungle of Torrey Pines. This uphill hike had us hacking a lung but it also motivated me to get in shape dang it! At the tippy top was a garden that overlooked La Jolla Shores Beach and Torrey Pines Park. It was breath taking, literally the hike took my breath away. Out of shape, ya know?! Once the hike was over, we did the typical California Girls walk along the beach while collecting rocks until our jacket pockets were dragging along the beach. After making a U of U sign with the red and white rocks, we skipped along back to our car and headed off for glorious food! We hit up a little Mexican Food Shack called Roberto's Mexican Restaurant that was just down the street from Torrey Pines. 

Shortly after the food got in our bellies we headed off again to La Jolla beach just south of Torrey Pines where we layed out under the overcast skies. I zonked out shortly after that.... Typical. Once my lazy buttocks got up, we strolled along the beach again and then met up with Brooke's rad friend Nan (she was so nice enough to let my homely looking self stay at her place). Nan took us south to where the nastiest smelling seals were but they were oh so cute! Don't know how God created seals but it got me thinking. As we walked back to the cars, we rushed through California traffic to Nan's house to turn in for the night. Day one, SUCCESS.

Day 2

One thing about me is that the first night I stay anywhere, besides my own bed, is a restless night. So waking up at 6AM was GOLD. At around 10 AM we trudge our way out the door and headed to Fashion Valley Mall (which we quickly left cause everything was Gucci and Prada). Next stop, Old Town San Diego! Yes, even though I was the whitest one there, I felt confident with my "hola." We walked around, looked through shops, had bomb pizza from Pizza Bella (HIGHLY recommend that little Italian place), and then headed north to the Mormon Batallion exhibit/museum. Our tour guide was the sweetest Taiwan missionary that was clearly new to the American ways of joking. Not going into that but it was a good ol' time ha....

We hopped back in our little Kia Soul rental after and buzzed to Mission Beach. ULTIMATE people watching place. We walked along the beach path for what seemed like miles while passing an 80 year old man pulling 80's moves while roller blading, a girl that tripped on her longboard staring at the guys, and lots of hippies with peace signs flying out of their dreads. Cool. Every now and then we stopped to watch the Dolphins and seals swimming in the distance too. Once we found a spot on the beach, we spread out our towels and people watched some more. Eventually I of course got hungry and so we went to Denny's and then to the beloved Baked Bear and OH MY GOSH. It was heaven on earth. Just imagine, two yummy baked cookies with fresh cold ice cream stuffed between them. The ice cream sandwich gods were shining down on us that night. Shortly after we turned in for day two.

Day 3

Day three we woke up early and drove to Coronado Island. First time driving over the ocean (while in my head thinking of what would happen if we drove off the edge). Typical paranoid thoughts while up high hehe. We got there just in time to find spots still open for free parking along the beach (thank goodness) and walked around the Famous Hotel Del, and the crab filled tide pools right by the hotel. Brooke told me I need to see "Some Like It Hot" and so that's my goal this summer! Down main street we went looking through every touristy shop and enjoying every second of it. If you are ever down in Coronado, hit up the Burger Lounge, cause it's bomb, and apparently the cows are grass-fed. Which makes them better? Ya, ok. The sun finally decided to show it's face to my SPF 15 soaked body and completely fried me until I looked like Larry the Lobster off of Sponge Bob. Yup, awesome. After hours of sitting in the sun, and while Brooke watched the Navy Seals train right in front of us, we wobbled back to the car and headed to pick a few things up at the store and then turned in for the night!

Day 4

This was in fact the last day we were in Cali and we had no clue what to do. We found ourselves at the San Diego LDS temple first and holy moly it was beautiful! Hopefully I get to go back there soon! Someone get married in San Diego!!! Then we ventured through Seaport Village, gawking at all the Yachts that were the size of just a few homes put together. Ask me how someone can afford that cause I HAVE NO CLUE! We grabbed lunch at Cheese Cake Factory, shopped a bit more, and then headed to Tiajuana! Ha kidding. BUT we went to the most awesome Outlets that were right up against the boarder. We had an hour to kill there before we headed back to the airport so we rushed through all the shops. We tried to find shade wherever we could cause of our sunburns hehe. Yeah that must have been a sight to see while we were constantly walking against traffic the whole time. I also could not read a dang thing cause everything was in Spanish, luckily Brooke and her awesome skills were able to keep a look out for any bomb sales that were in Spanish. 

Once our wallets were empty (just kidding hubby) we headed back up the coast to the airport, hopped on the plane and got back in Salt Lake at 1AM. 

Next thing I knew was my alarm yelling at me to get up. I hurried and threw some pants on, headed out to my car, and dead. My car battery was dead. It was 6 freakin AM. I had to go in and wake Brooke back up to help me jump my car and a hop, skip, and a jump away, my car started and 4 hours later I was home and asleep.

This trip was seriously such and blast! Adventure truly was waiting for us in San Diego, so if you go there, hit me up for ideas!!! You can't go wrong with whatever you do! Well, just don't be by the boarder at dark. Anyways, hope you enjoyed my first blog! God bless everyone in this Summer heat and have a wooooonderful night:) 



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